Eastern Europe Trip

After 5 days of partying at Sunwaves in Romania, we rented a car just across the border in Bulgaria and drove to Shepka, a rural town near a communist monument in the mountains called the Buzludzha.

Our host in Shepka suggested we visit a nearby Russian Orchodox church

I purchased the image of Saint Petka and paid 5 lei ($1.25 USD) to take these photos

Cat's of Bulgaria

10th Century Monastery in Rilla

Church bell ringers: the first job to be lost to robotics?

Sofia, Bulgaria

Night train to Istanbul

Saint Petka protected us through the slow Bulgarian/Turkish border crossing

Streets of Istanbul

Our hotel was two blocks from Taksim Square, which in 2014 was involved in the 4 million strong protest against a far right nationalist conservative president who seized power and rewrote the Turkish constitution. The protests were crushed by force and over 8,000 people were injured, President Erdogan remains in power for his 15th year.

Tourism Police

Learning some Turkish

The Basilica Cistern held 100,000 tons of water as an aqueduct system


Cellular automaton patterns all over the place at the Persian Carpet Museum

The Hagia Sophia

Inside the Hagia Sophia

The Blue Mosque

Inside the Blue Mosque

Hotel roof view


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